Gloria Jean’s Coffees™

Colmera and Timor Plaza

In the land known for its superior coffee beans, it’s no surprise that East Timor Trading introduced Gloria Jean’s Coffees to Timor-Leste, showcasing both locally grown treasures and the finest blends from around the globe.

With more than 1000 coffee houses across 40 countries, Gloria Jean’s Coffees stands as a beacon of premium coffee excellence.

Since 2012, our flagship outlet at Timor Plaza has been the hub of coffee aficionados, delivering not only the highest quality coffee but also personalized service in a vibrant store environment. Led by East Timor Trading Group’s Chairman, Sakib Awan, Gloria Jean’s Coffees expanded to Bidau Lecidere in 2016, setting a new standard for food and beverage hygiene and customer service in Timor-Leste. Our Bidau Lecidere outlet has now closed, and we now operate cafes at Timor Plaza and Colmera.

Our baristas and coffeehouse team undergo rigorous training in the best practices developed by Gloria Jean’s Coffees International, ensuring that every cup poured reflects the same dedication to excellence found in our global counterparts.

At Gloria Jean’s Coffees Timor-Leste, we pride ourselves on being an international franchise that offers choice to our patrons. Whether you prefer our signature blends or locally sourced Timorese beans, accompanied by delectable treats from our pastry cabinets, the options are endless. Hot or cold, dine in or take away – the choice is yours to savor the perfect coffee experience tailored to your preferences at Gloria Jean’s Coffees.