To rapidly grow our organization whilst ensuring we operate in a sustainable manner that improves the livelihoods of the Timorese people for generations.

Building a future together

Developing diversity

At East Timor Trading Group, we’ve been part of Timor-Leste’s journey since 2002, growing alongside the nation as it regained independence. Today, we’re proud to have a presence in all 13 districts, spanning sales, distribution, retail, and hospitality.

As one of the largest non-oil businesses in the country, our goal is simple: to be Timor-Leste’s most trusted service provider. We achieve this by offering top-tier brands and ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. Our success is fueled by hard work, determination, and a commitment to recruiting and training the best talents.

As a valued partner to the government, we’re aligned with the Timor-Leste Strategic Development Plan 2011–2030, and aim to help shape policies and laws that support our vibrant sector, drive economic diversification, sustain growth, and result in increased well-being for the Timorese people.

With 95% of our 200 staff being Timorese nationals, we prioritize local employment, and our ambitious goal is to directly or indirectly provide employment to 1% of the country’s population.

Our dedication extends to employee well-being, offering wages above the national minimum and providing comprehensive benefits and amenities that set a benchmark for corporate standards in Timor-Leste.

The group owns and operates:

  • Burger King Timor-Leste
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees Timor-Leste
  • Cheers! Bottle Shops

Our distribution covers dozens of multi-category FMCG products.

To meet the country’s present and future demands, we recently embarked on an exciting journey into property development. Our inaugural venture, the Discovery Business Industrial Zone (DBIZ), marks a significant milestone for us and was celebrated with a groundbreaking ceremony in May 2022.

DBIZ will boast cutting-edge office spaces, modern warehousing facilities, and a bottling plant for our landmark Highland Legend whiskey. Additionally, a vibrant strip mall will add convenience and variety to the area.

This venture signifies the beginning of a bold new chapter for us, ensuring that East Timor Trading Group remains at the heart of Timor-Leste’s growth and prosperity for many years to come.

Other future projects underway include:

  • Terrace Lounge by Discovery
  • Discovery Business Industrial Zone
  • Discovery Waterfront Residences
  • Discovery Hotel

Corporate social responsibility

East Timor Trading Group’s commitment to Timor-Leste’s growth is evident through our robust corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Among our most significant endeavors is the establishment of pre-schools across all 13 districts, each providing education for up to 80 students. This initiative commenced in 2016 with our inaugural pre-school in Metinaro, in collaboration with H.E. Ms Kirsty Sword Gusmão, a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Education. This was followed by schools in Aipelo and Claetrema in Ermera, and a fourth is now underway. All schools are named ‘Pre-Escolar Avo Ana Irene Olimpia de Almeida’ in honor of Mrs Almeida, a fervent advocate for girls’ education and mother of Mrs Neelo Awan, co-founder of East Timor Trading.

Our support for education also extends to the tertiary sector, where ETT provides scholarships for entrepreneurial students to expand their knowledge and skills in Timor-Leste.