Published On: 23rd February, 2024

Collaborate and Grow

ETT’s future growth will be based as much on collaboration as outright investment. Our 22 years of business experience in Timor-Leste has shown us that being part of and contributing to that community is vital. This connection also means that we know and understand what our market desires.

The Timorese population is young, ambitious and eager to see their country succeed, and by lending our knowledge of the population to potential business collaborators, we can short-cut the research phase of business establishment and help our partners deliver their products in Timor-Leste.

Our success is displayed by our global franchise brands, Burger King and Gloria Jeans Coffees, and the hundreds of FMCG items now sold nationally through 2,200 outlets. We are keen to expand our business by bringing more international brands to Timor-Leste and expanding the distribution of local products across the country.

If you wish to discuss distributing your brand or products with us, please contact our commercial manager, Sher Khan, using the form below.