Published On: 27th February, 2024

Creating local jobs

ETTG currently employs over 200 staff, over 95 per cent of whom are Timorese nationals.

Looking ahead, ETTG’s Chair, Mr Sakib Awan’s goal is to directly and indirectly provide employment for 1% of the country’s population, which amounts to just over 13,200 jobs.

How will this be achieved?

Since arriving in Timor-Leste more than 22 years ago, Mr Awan has been a vocal supporter of encouraging new businesses to open in the country.

With ETTG’s new real estate venture, the Discovery Business Industrial Zone, providing more jobs by helping new businesses establish, and expanding ETTG’s own business, creating jobs and employing more staff becomes a tangible reality.

“Discovery Business Industrial Zone will provide thousands of direct and indirect jobs and substantially lower the barriers to entry for new businesses wishing to set up in Timor-Leste”, says Mr Awan. “It will achieve this by providing turnkey commercial facilities to local and foreign companies needing a base in Dili.”