Published On: 16th May, 2024

Celebrating Excellence: The Burger King Timor Plaza Team
15 May 2024

A celebratory event was held at East Timor Trading Group’s Burger King Timor Plaza restaurant yesterday to recognize the team’s achievement of receiving a Grade A, Gold Standard Certificate from Burger King Asia Pacific during a surprise audit for operational excellence.

The audit confirmed that Burger King Timor Plaza’s food, operation, and outlet quality meet the company’s ‘rigorous and strict’ international quality control standards. The award highlights the team’s commitment to maintaining excellence.

Attending the celebrations were the Burger King Timor Plaza team, ETTG Founder and Chair Mr Sakib Awan, ETTG Co-Founder Mrs Neelo Awan, ETTG CEO Mr John Diffendfer, and ETTG Commercial Director Mr Sher Khan.

“We are all immensely proud of the Burger King Timor-Leste team for being awarded a Gold Standard Certificate in the first surprise audit of 2024, putting them amongst the highest achievers in the Asia Pacific region”, said Mr Awan.

Burger King Timor Plaza is one of ETTG’s international flagship brands and is staffed by 95% Timorese locals. This award is a testament to ETTG’s commitment to employing and empowering local talent within the community, and it showcases the opportunities the company provides for skills development, personal development, and career advancement to all our employees.

Congratulations and thank you to all at Burger King Timor Plaza!